North Geelong junior presentation night

North Geelong Warriors FC (NGWFC) NPL Juniors from Under 12 to 16 celebrated the end of season with a memorable presentation night held at major sponsor’s function centre The Croatian Club in Separation St. Bell Park.

Hosted by the incoming Football Operations Manager Josip Žilić, the night’s aura was abuzz as the Warrior family amassed to the sell-out event.

As the players took their seats the conversations quickly turned to whom they thought had been their standout player in each team.

It was a delight to see the friendliness and genuine camaraderie amongst the family let alone the players.

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Technical Director Igor Srbinovski opened the night and overviewed the year that had been pointing out the development of the juniors and how that will link into the whole of club vision emphasising youth development into senior football as well as iterating the upcoming trials for all players to attend on October 9 at Elcho Park.

It has been a huge year for the club in it’s 50th year, seeing the fruit of their labour come to life with the completion of the much-awaited change room facility. The tireless work of the club’s trusty volunteers, along with support from the City of Greater Geelong with Eddy Kontelj’s help and State Government with Minister John Eren’s help, ensured a brilliant end product. It was great to have Eddy Kontelj on hand to address the large audience as he prepares to be re-elected for council via elections in October, as well as our major sponsors including AHD Geelong, Volare and SportsPortal Legea

Through the evening Josip pointed out some key points to bring to everyone’s attention

  1. Since NPL began NGWFC has had over 50 players selected and represent Victoria Country Rep team at the National Championships, culminating in the selected players this year going on a tour to Japan.
  2. Since NPL began that players from 15 of the 21 Greater Geelong clubs have represented the region via North Geelong in the state’s highest competition, displaying that the player pathway program truly works and is providing the entire region with the opportunity to compete and develop at that level. Elcho Park Cardinals, Geelong Rangers and Geelong SC with the most players represented to date.
  3. In that time that the senior team has had 10 players from the junior ranks break into the senior lineup.
  4. This year for the Annual Croatian Tournament being held in Canberra that the club’s vision which was recently released has already been implemented to have the senior group of no less than 50% of the squad made up of local talent, well not content with that they are also providing senior call-ups to one U15 player, two U16 players and two U18 players to join the senior members on tour.
  5. This season’s Under 12 players came together as virtual unknowns to each other, representing nine different clubs, (Elcho Park, Rangers, Geelong SC, Corio, Barwon, Werribee, Surf Coast, North Geelong and Kardinia) in the first ever 9v9 U12 competition format and developed brilliantly in technical development so much so that 16 of the 23 players were selected in FFV TIDC, also and most importantly forming bonding relationships along the way.

Into our presentations and the players receiving their awards were visibly proud of their efforts with glowing reports from their coaches outlining their success and steps taken to achieve their individual and team goals.

First of the awards was the Coaches Awards, assigned the players who display the team efforts, coming to training and matches early, contribute to team talks, help set up and pack up and embrace the team and club culture.

The winners were;

U/12 Myles Foster

U/13 Tristan Harris

U/14 Adam Neagle

U/15 Seth Szukta

U/16 Blake Robinson

Next were the Golden Boot winners for the most amount of goals, although the Under 12s didn’t have an award in this category due the competition being with tables and scores their Coach Cameron Siketa pointed out that they had amassed over 150 goals for the year in a superb team effort.

U/13 – Julian Majic 15 Goals

U/14 – Angus Chapman – 35 goals

U/15 – Max Noggler – 20 goals

U/16 – Max Simovic – 8 Goals

Runner Up Best and Fairest was up next and Player’s Player for the Under 12s, coaches mentioned how they had tough choices and voting was close in all squads. The awards went to:

U/12 – Luke Zivcic

U/13 – Noa Skoko

U/14 – Alexander Anastassiou

U/15 – Mark Ritchie

U/16 – Jasper Bromley

Before the night turned it’s attention to the ultimate award of Best and Fairest we took time out to kick off some birthday celebrations with a large 50th Anniversary cake arranged by the Croatian Club for our enjoyment.

All eyes were front and centre in anticipation of the announcement players began murmuring at their tables rehashing earlier conversations about who their pick was, the awards went to:

U/12 – Ryan Neagle

U/13 – Tae Min Brandwyk

U/14 – Billy Robinson

U/15 – Zac Tucak

U/16 – Daniel Costoso

Before we wrapped up the night we thanked some special efforts by certain individuals Ivan Skoko, Maree Volarevic, Karmen Krasic, Lydia Dzajkic and Suzi Gudasic who make our lives easier with contributions they provide behind the scenes in areas such as coordinating catering rosters and arranging stock ordering and delivering and Diana Murase with the massive effort into team management and coordinating the huge outlay to put on the presentation night with our run sheets and trophy, photo and prize collection.

Thank you again for all who enjoyed the night with us, To the Coaching staff lead by Igor Srbinovski, Josip Zilic, Cameron Siketa, Josip Skoko, Kris Borovac, Rick Noggler, Stewart Malone, Diana Murase, Keiran Robinson, Jacinta MacDonald, to our sponsors and advertisers who are loyal year after year and stick by the club, ensure you support those who support us, thank you to the parents, volunteers, officials and anyone who helped in whichever way possible to put the season together.


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