North Geelong Warriors part ways with Micky Čolina

North Geelong Warriors Football Club will be in search of a new senior head coach, after mutually agreeing to part ways with incumbent Micky Čolina.

With the club about to undertake a new football vision, focusing on youth and regional-based players, it required a long-term commitment from the coaching staff. After pondering the opportunity, Micky was unfortunately unable to commit.

The club would like to express its deep gratitude towards Micky for investing his time and effort into what can only be seen as a successful period over the last three and a half years, the highlights of which were participation in the top-flight of Victorian football for the first time in 17 years and another promotion in 2016. Additionally, for the first time in North Geelong’s history, the Club was crowned the Australian Croatian Soccer Tournament champions in 2014.

We cannot thank Micky enough for all he has invested into us and we wish him every success in his future.

Micky will remain with the Warriors for the upcoming Australian Croatian soccer tournament in Canberra where we have the opportunity to farewell him.

Below is an open letter from Micky to club members and fans:

I, Micky Colina, would like to announce that at the end of this season’s commitments I will be moving on from my role as Senior Head Coach at the Warriors.

It isn’t a decision I make easily and I have really thought long and hard before I had made my mind to make this call.

The Warriors are now entering a new phase, a new journey that is one we had previously discussed on many occasions and one that is necessary for the club to progress and prepare for the future. It is a journey that I would have loved to be part of as I believe it would be very rewarding regardless of the challenges that may lie ahead. After some thought I believe it wouldn’t be fair to commit to the long term journey unless I am fully committed to go the distance so now is a good time to allow the club to start the process of looking for the right person who can commit to the task ahead. As for me it will give me an opportunity to continue to grow and learn as I look at what other adventures I can be a part of in the football world.

The time I have spent at this great club has been nothing short of unforgettable, we have had such a grand journey with some heartache but I believe it has been eclipsed by the many great moments and memories I will keep forever and look back with much pride.

Regardless of what many might think or have opinions about, what this club has achieved over the last few years, with the limited resource’s both financially, geographically and on a personnel basis is nothing short of unthinkable.

There are clubs out there in better positions financially and geographically, but have struggled to achieve half of what this humble club down Geelong way has done.

I would like to thank the Presidents, Ivan ‘Sticks’ Deak, Andro Jurkovic and Vlado Dzajkic, who have been there through thick and thin and without them, who knows whether we would have had the chance to achieve what we have over this time.

There are many other integral members of this club who have been supportive and their ongoing passion is second to none, I’m wary to start naming them all as I would hate to leave anyone out.

I must mention though, the people who have been part of the staff, who I have learnt from and I respect very much, my Assistant and Goal Keeper Coach Adrian Cagalj, also Dave Anderson who was part of the 2015 season, team physio D’arne Grey and also Michael Radojevic who offered his time as a team manager when he retired in 2015. Thank you guys for all the support throughout this time.

Thank you to the players who were part of all of these experiences that nobody can ever take away. Back in May 2014, you guys committed and embraced the changes with enthusiasm and honesty and were rewarded justly on many occasions in various formats, be proud of what you have achieved, those memories are yours forever, I hope one day you can look back fondly.

Lastly, to all the fans who accepted me and made Elcho Park feel like home, it’s a time I will never forget and all those who believed and were always there for us through tough times and the great times, I say with all my heart, thank you.

I wish the club all the best on this new chapter that they are embarking on and I believe with the additional people who have stepped up to lead the way the journey will be loaded with positive milestones and the greater goal will be achieved.

Don’t stop believing!

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